DESTROID INVADES!! Twerkers, and Aliens!

Posted by on Jun 18, 2013

DESTROID have crash landed their high-tech, flying Bass-Ship in the neighborhood of two innocent twerkers. DESTROID invade your puny planet to elevate your existence.

The band is launching a series of viral videos, this being one of the first. The short, minute-long video features two girls twerking on camera when the DESTROID Bass-Ship crashes into their backyard. The spaceship’s portal opens and you see Excision, Downlink and KJ Sawka in full robot-alien gear.

DESTROID recently debuted their highly technological and boundary-pushing live show. Featuring futuristic robot costumes—with Excision and Downlink performing with custom-crafted, MIDI-controlled “guitars” and KJ Sawka banging away on a fully custom digital drum kit—the DESTROID live show breaks out of the traditional electronic DJ format and performs as a full-on live dubstep band, bringing forth the next stage of the dubstep movement executed in a way bass music has never seen.

DESTROID recently released their debut full-length album, DESTROID—THE INVASION, on their own independent imprint Destroid Music. Featuring 10 original tracks from the group that is set to revolutionize bass and electronic music worldwide, DESTROID—THE INVASION is currently streaming in full at SPIN: DESTROID come guns fully blazing with an all-star cast of electronic producers and collaborators, including the globally acclaimed Bassnectar, U.K.-based electro/bass artist Far Too Loud, U.S. bass artist Space Laces, Japanese “bass Godzilla” and Rottun Recordings artist Ajapai and dubstep vocalist Messinian. From beginning to end, DESTROID—THE INVASION is filled with stomping beats, spine-tingling bass and gut-wrenching drops that bang louder than anything around today. DESTROID—THE INVASION packs the dirtiest of the dirty and the heaviest of the heavy in bass music. Photos of the live DESTROID show and costumes are here:

DESTROID is set to launch minds into the stratosphere through the power of live bass music, delivering electronic devastation and cerebral elevation. DESTROID is upon us. Elevate your existence now or be DESTROID.


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